• Take photos of things to sell on ebay
  • Snack/more coffee/juice
  • Poop
  • Put some money in the bank
  • Purchase more riso supplies
  • Some emails
  • Check if there is anything else on my to do list that I can do today
unlovablesss: your tumblr is SO beautiful <3

thank you! :) I like yours too!

sunday afternoon messing around tumblr post

heh reading over draft text posts I never published. Mostly because they were maybe to introspective or maybe didn’t want to say the things I wanted to say anymore.

Temporary desk on the table tennis table, designing things for the publishing business I’m starting. I applied for an ABN (Australian Business Number), got an online shop set up and twitter ready for when we have all the images/logos/details for them. I guess I’ll have to have some sort of launch/party type thing when it’s all done, but I’ll think about that when it’s time to.

Trying to go out to more events (went to see RVIVR on monday and they were amazing!), although it’s hard because I mostly just like to stay inside and work. Now that I live in a place without foresty hills and mountains to walk to the top of everyday it seems a little pointless to go for walks, but I guess it is still important to get out of the work space every day.


  • making more zines and prints and things for all the zine fairs coming up (just signed up for “Tonerpalooza” in June!)
  • have 3000 followers on my tumblr now, weird
  • got a green ink drum for my risograph machine but still need to get green ink for it sometime this week
  • so cold now!!! Already have 2 big blankets on my bed
  • watched “Only Lovers Left Alive” <3 <3 <3
  • Had a nice couch surfer come to stay, but I don’t think I’ll have another one in this place, it’s so much effort to reply to all the requests and difficult when we only have one big room.
  • so sleepy